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A Shorty Airbox Eliminator is a great refinement for any custom BMW Airhead Cafe Racer, Bobber or Tracker.This cover streamlines the top of the engine and gearbox when the airbox is removed to use Pod filters or Bellmouths. Providing a space to hide electrical components etc, that is taller than the Fastback Starter Cover and gives a squarer look to the engine and gearbox unit.The Shorty Airbox Eliminator is a direct replacement for the square-filter type airbox. It can also be fitted to motors with the earlier style, round-filter, airbox but you will need to replace the starter cover with the later type as well.


There is no provision for the electronic fuel shut-off valve, secondary air system (SLS) or fuel tank venting solinoid systems that are fitted to some US models. There will be gaps at the lower rear edge and open holes left on an emission style starter cover if you remove the emissions equipment - you may choose to replace this type of US market starter cover with a European, non-SLS, one.

Please refer to local legislation before making this moderfication.



    Replaces airbox on R65 R80 R100 engines with a flat, square airfilter.

    Starter motor remains in place.

    Cast Aluminium with sand blasted finish.

    Supplied with 1 x M8 316 stainless steel cap screw.

    Easily modified to suit custom fuel lines or HT leads.

    Requires aditional Crank Case Breather Filter.

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